Tuesday, August 2, 2011


To have a swift go through this exam just follow the following steps which I recommend personally:-

a) First of all have a good understanding of PHP language and its syntax. Use a good book available in market and read it once throughout without caring about the exam syllabus.

b) Do a small project on PHP. If you can’t manage live projects just go for a dummy project. This will help you in error tracing and debugging

c) Now it’s time to purchase a zend PHP certification guide. It is also available freely as a E-Book.

d) Go through every minute detail of the book. Underline the important points and make notes if required.

e) Since the exam is mostly practice oriented and not theoretical you have to practice coding in detail. Learn to play with codes and note down the things you learnt.

f) Have a quick reading of paul reinheimer’s guide, though it is written for PHP 4 yet it is very useful. Download it at http://fileme.us/22j85e

g) The most important guide for this exam is PHP manual itself. Go through the manual keeping in mind the exam syllabus. Read the user comments given below each topic in the manual.

h) For learning the function prototypes use the w3schools tutorial. It has a precise definition of each function

i) Revise your study guide again and again till you become comfortable with each topic. Don’t forget to make notes; it will help you for the last week preparation.

j) Next try to practice as much questions as possible. Practice every question given in this guide and understand the concept behind them. You can also purchase the latest practice papers from ZEND store

k) For the last minute preparations use your own notes which you made.

l) Don’t panic during the exam, have a confident outlook towards the test.

m) Have a mini breakfast or lunch before the exam. Don’t be hungry or thirsty during the exam time.

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