Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello friends I am Snehil Kamal, an independent software and web developer. I recently passed the zend PHP certification exam (ZCE). So I want to share my experiences with you about the exam pattern, types of questions asked and strategy needed. I am sure after reading this guide and solving the questions given henceforth you will be able to go through the exam swiftly. Firstly I want to remind you that this exam is not as easy as it is thought to be. I could pass it in my second attempt. I used to think that having a multitude of experience as a PHP developer I may pass it without any significant preparation. But I was very wrong and hence lost my 125$ in the first attempt. There are a lot of misconceptions all over the net about this exam. Just ignore them and start preparing on your own. ZCE is one of the most difficult certification exam in IT industry. Also there are least number of PHP certified candidates as compared to other certification exams. This ultimately adds the value to this certification. The difficulty of this test arises from lack of proper study guides and practice questions available. Hence in this guide I have tried to cover all the major tips and tricks and dump questions which may help you a lot in clearing this exam. Believe me I got a 5 times increase in my clients after becoming Zend certified engineer. So start preparing well for a good career in PHP and web development


  1. Congratulates my dear friend, i am rojarao from india , i am new in php, i am preparing to write the zce on January 2013 . please give me the any success, how to prepare exm.

  2. Congratulation!
    i am iktiar from Bangladesh! i have few years of PHP development experience, now doing a job...which i donot like! i like to become independent ..i am preparing for years ..but always failed to concentrate!
    feeling inspired by your experience, need yr mail id, please send me.